Roof Painting

Roof Painting


The last thing you want to do is to have to replace your entire roof as a result of ignoring what seem to be minor problems such as a few leaks here and there, or any cracks in the roofing tiles, and if you want to avoid the possibility of having to replace your roof completely, it is best to have a highly recommended roofing contractor available to ensure that you have a good maintenance plan in place.

In general terms, a composite shingle, asphalt or wooden shingle roof should be inspected by a roofing specialist at least every three years, and five years for a tile roof, which will ensure a longer life for your roof and lower costs in the long term.

Your roof is one of the first things anyone sees when they look at your home or commercial property; if it looks good it adds value to your property and also increases its aesthetic value.  It is pointless to have a beautifully painted property with well maintained grounds covered by a predominantly unkempt roof!

It is not only from an aesthetic point of view that a well maintained and professionally painted roof is crucial, it is also an investment that protects the integrity of the structure by preventing leaks and giving your property the right protection from the elements all year round.

You will save a lot in terms of repairs if your roof is painted by a professional who takes pride in their work; good quality roof painting will not give algae or lichens any room to grow and take over to the extent that you will need to replace the roof completely!

A professional roof painting service will make sure that the roof is correctly prepared for painting, cleaning off existing dirt and grime with a high pressure washer, thoroughly checking for any rust or leaks and waterproofing the roof where necessary before painting is even started.

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Having your roof painted by an expert with experience will also involve preparation such as checking that gutters and downpipes are clear and running freely, checking for any broken or cracked tiles and waterproofing where necessary.  A well painted roof also helps to protect your property from rising damp; prevention is definitely better than the cure, and a lot less expensive!

Your chosen roofing specialist will work with you to plan the most suitable colour for your roof, ensuring that it enhances and complements the aesthetics of your property, as well as make sure that the quality of your roof paint is such that it will remain in great condition through each season.

Finding the right roof painting service is essential, if you settle for anything less than the most professional team you will be spending more and more money as the years go by trying to maintain a roof that should stand the test of time if it is done correctly the first time!

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